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August 20, 2006


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» More on Originalism: from The Volokh Conspiracy
Jim's query on the original meaning of the Fourth Amendment has provoked yet another round of debates on originalism. In addition to Ilya's post below, Larry Solum... [Read More]

» "Originalism Redux" Redux from Brian Leiter's Law School Reports
I notice that several of the law blogs are busy talking about originalism again. Accordingly, I thought it might be timely to remind folks that originalism, the reigning pathology of American constitutional law, is the theory of constitutional interpre... [Read More]

» Originialisms Misguided Search For An Origin from Law & Society Blog
Brian Leiter has a Originalism, as the name implies, means that the toadys meaning of the constitution ought to be determined in light of where the constitution came from. This is similar to the old spys wisdom that if you want to know w... [Read More]

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