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September 22, 2006


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» Ruhl's rules of legal scholarship hierarchy: from The Volokh Conspiracy
can be found here. All of us at VC have done 0. I hope we've avoided 1, but I'm not sure. Most student note work is 2 or 3, but ... [Read More]

» Hierarchy of Legal Scholarship from PropertyProf Blog
The legal blogosphere is atwitter about J.B. Ruhl’s provocative post on the Hierarchy of Legal Scholarship, which in simplified for ranks types of legal scholarship (from lower to higher) as doctrinal, theoretical, and empirical. Larry Solum has alread... [Read More]

» Eric Muller's Hierarchy of Legal Scholarship from Is That Legal?
The blawgosphere is buzzing over J.B. Ruhl's Hierarchy of Legal Scholarship, a ranking of the major categories of legal scholarship from a low of (1) to a high of (10). I guess I see things a little differently. So I... [Read More]

» 法学研究的层次 from 智识@IdeoBook
九月廿一日,佛罗里达州立大学法学院的 J. B. Ruhl 教授在其所属的群组博克 Jurisdynamics 上发表了一则文字:“The Hierarchy of Legal Scholarship”,将法学研究依由低到高的层次分为如下10+1级: 0 �C Blog posts 1 �C Publication of what are essentially blog post... [Read More]

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