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October 05, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Ignorance, Specialization, and the Future of the Legal Academy:

» Straddling the Fence: Solum on Specialization Redux from Legal Profession Blog
Posted by Jeff Lipshaw If you follow the link over to Larry Solum's latest you will get to most of the blog discussion around specialization. That discussion more than thoroughly covers the academic and scholarship ground, and is far more [Read More]

» Interdisciplinarity and IL Scholarship from Opinio Juris
Larry Solum has kicked off an interesting exchange on interdisciplinary ignorance among le... [Read More]

» Straddling the Fence: Harvard's Take on Interdisciplinary Skill from Legal Profession Blog
One more time on the interdisciplinary skills issue. I was looking at the Empirical Legal Studies blog, where the recent blogosphere debate on interdisciplinary skills in the legal academy appears to have started. Professor Solum in turn proposed a set [Read More]

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