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September 30, 2004


Sharingthegroove is no longer online. It would be interesting to know what caused it to be taken down.
The recommended site is now www.easytree.org
As with Sharingthe groove, no commercially released material is allowed or any live concerts from bands, like the Allman Brothers, who have asked that recordings of them should not be distributed. I have seen quite a number of postings being very quickly banned.
Personally, I think the idea of 'liberated boots' is a good one, as it possibly helps to reduce the profitmaking from illegal bootlegs. Also , many posts are of audience recordings which are of less than perfect quality. The people who download these are obsessive collectors and/or historians and I believe have little or no impact on commercial sales. This is quite different from other p2p networks that are happy to allow sharing of the latest software/films/music etc., which I agree is having an effect on the industry and depriving artists of legitimate royalties.

I'm not sure if I understand. If the record companies "do not own copyrights in concert performances", then how is it that "it goes without saying that sharing bootlegs is not legal"? I thought the illegality of bootlegs was based on the copyright, but is there some other reason I'm not aware of?

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