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September 18, 2004


If only we didn't have the phrase "Intellectual Property", this would all be so much easier :-)

"Intellectual Property" is really all about the government granting monopolies (generally regarded by capitalists as a bad thing) - monopolies on expression at that (restrictions on expression also generally being regarded as a bad thing).

On the property side, "intellectual property" actually decreases the value of real property. In the absence of any copyright laws, if I buy a CD (assuming I can find one to buy :-)), I can do all sorts of things with it.
Introduce a restriction on making copies, and my property is less valuable to me.
Introduce a restriction on broadcasting, and it's less valuable still.

That phrase "intalletcual property" leads to fallacious arguments along the lines of "You're for weaker intellectual property laws, so you're for weaker property laws, so you're anti-capitalist".

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