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September 11, 2004


Let me be the first to add myself to the list of critics. Looking at sampling from a purely free market standpoint can be good and bad, but granted useful as a starting point. Sellers should be able to set their selling price in a free market. However, a copyrighted work isn't exactly a freely traded commodity, is it? In essense, a copyright grants its holder a monopoly over a limited period of time. This can lead to problems. For instance, the copyright holder may simply not choose to license (or license at a prohibitively high value).

But who knows? Perhaps necessity will in fact force artists who currently use digital sampling to be more creative, better artists. I somehow doubt it. I do know that whatever the result on artist creativity, I find it hard to simply discount the "oddities" in the Bridgeport decision. Inconsistencies is a better term. And it's these inconsistencies that drive it's critics to write about it.

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me (in a previous blog entry)

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