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September 25, 2004


I agree with Tommy that this sounds a little fishy. Perhaps if it was not an election year this move would hail a victory, perhaps a minor one, but this sounds again more of a political statement than anything else. This looks like again a move by the liberal media to smear what many consider a conservative news channel but more importantly a channel that favors Bush. But in the wake of Rathergate, the conspiracy is alive and well. The timing of the release of this movie fuels that conspiracy with the electio only 2 months away. Tommy mentioned Michael Moore's movie, and that movie is being released on dvd sooner than normal to sway voters, I feel like this similar to that. It is only in the guise of creative works that this movie is getting any headlines. We have enough political hotheads involved in this copyright issue. We do not need anymore people infusing their own slanted, partisan political views. What we need are people who genuinely desire to come up with a solution for the general welfare.

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