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October 06, 2004


No, the industry is not going to make p2p go away, but they will eventually get either the courts or congress to impose regulation.

Under your suggested scenario, all legitimate p2p networks carrying (probably) a majority of infringing content would have to pay a licensing fee or be shut down. I think this probably could work, as long as the p2p network could make enough revenue to cover its fees and costs... Otherwise, under current law, the courts could recognize a requirement that creators of p2p software make reasonable modifications to their software in order to prevent infringement... Either way, such networks will not survive in unregulated form...

I have to disagree with your @money, lots of it@ statement: 3.6 bln. yen is not that much money (about $35 mln.) and the loss resulting from CD copies are much worse: think you can rent a CD single 3 days after its release (3 weeks for an album) for about $1 (resp $3) and copy it...
I would rather think that the recort industry just missed the chance to stop CD rental shops and now it's too late...

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