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October 03, 2004


Why would anyone care to shell out the 1.99$ (I'm guessing) for a hamburger to obtain a code to enter into a website to then download a free song when they can just do it for free?

Easy answer. The distribution system is more reliable than the average P2P program. Same reason a lot of people use iTunes. If I search for a song on Kazaa, it takes a while to find a good version that is properly named, encoded at an acceptable bitrate, not cut off, not harboring viruses in the download, etc. When someone downloads from a corporate site, that site is usually well organized and has reliable downloads of high quality music without any drop-outs in sound or strange inconsistencies. Also, it's definitely legal - a benefit for many people.

Now, I'm not saying it's worth running to BK with my $1.99. But if I happen to eat a Whopper, I don't have a problem with redeeming my coupon to use a reliable service to download a free song. The whole point is use a free trial to hook some people on the ease of use and quality of the service. Maybe they will succeed.

Okay, here's the catch.

I went to Burger King during the promotional period (not because I wanted a download... I was just hungry.) I get a nice, shiny wrapper that says I get a free download. I can "Have It My Way".

Unfortunately, "My Way" wasn't exactly right-away. I held onto the wrapper for a couple of weeks because I wanted to wait until I had access to a high-speed connection. With my class schedule, it wasn't exactly a priority.

The point. By the time I finally decided to go to the website to redeem my coupon, I couldn't figure out where to enter my number. It seemed that the site must have changed, because I just wasn't able to see anything. Turns out you only had until October 17th to redeem the coupons.

Why on earth would you go to the trouble of creating a promotion, run it for a month, then turn off the website before all the coupons can be redeemed? Are you trying to alienate the suckers who decided to buy a Whopper, even though they didn't want it, just because they thought they were getting something for free?

I'll tell you what, "Having it MY WAY" has a different meaning now. Sure, we're talking about something you can buy for.. what... 99 cents? I think Wal-mart sells downloads for 88 cents. When you give away something, don't take it back before a person gets a chance to redeem it. THE LEAST YOU COULD HAVE DONE WOULD HAVE BEEN TO PUT AN EXPIRATION DATE ON THE STUPID WRAPPER!!!!

Have it your way. Walk across the street and get a Big Mac instead.


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