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October 02, 2004


Nice link, but just to clarify, I don't think the desire to use Linux has anything to do with the scam referred to. Having Linux installed on your system first doesn't make installing pirated Windows any easier. People are just buying PCs with Linux installed (free software) so they can get the hardware and not have to pay an extra $75-$200 for a Microsoft operating system. Once they receive the computers, they wipe out the data on the hard drives and install a pirated version of Windows (cost of pirated version ranging from free to a couple dollars for a bootleg).

People can do the same thing (not pay for Windows) by buying a bare-bones system from a computer builder or by purchasing components and assembling themselves. In many instances, especially for corporate customers and with purchases from big companies such as Dell, the buyer doesn't have a choice. You want a new computer, you have to pay for Windows. However, some system builders have started offering computers for sale with Linux instead of Windows and passing on the savings to the customer. Therefore, people are getting computers pre-loaded with Linux with no intention of ever using Linux. The real motive is to not pay for Windows and then install a pirated copy. These people aren't modifying Linux, they simply aren't using it at all.

Of course, there ARE ways to run Windows applications on Linux. One popular way is to use WINE . However, I don't think that's what the article is getting at.

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