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November 04, 2004


You knew more and more people would start to sell their MP3s instead of giving it away for free through p2p. People like him just make it harder to make the case that p2 sharing does not hurt the artists and record companies financially. It also gives more reasons for the government to legislate stricter copyright laws so that things like this and what happened in Spain. All I can say to him is thanks for nothing.

The flyer method brings up several interesting points when you compare sharing via the Internet versus the "Sneaker Net" (walking a disk to the recipient and handing it over).

1) The sneaker net is harder to stop (you can't tell Ford to stop his car from driving like you can stop and ISP)
2) The sneaker net is harder to find (It's still hard to Google the wall of the parking structure, bathroom stall or printed underground magazine)
3) It's harder to gain evidence (try to prove how many copies of music Joe actually burned... assuming he doesn't keep detailed records of his sales... I doubt he includes a receipt)

It's definitely easier to go after the online sharing, and it likely makes a bigger impact. Joe can only sell so many copies per hour if he actually has to hand the CDs over. Leaving his PC on a p2p would certainly result in more music being traded (even though those are free).

That is just so awesome on so many levels. Post his number.


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