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November 04, 2004


It's not really true that "nothing prevents Americans from downloading the novel from the website" - US Copyright law does.

You could certainly argue that the law doesn't really *prevent* it, but then you have to argue that "nothing prevents you beating me up and taking all my money".

As a side note, didn't term extension make it into the recent US-Australia bi-lateral trade agreement ? If so, presumably this work will soon be removed anyway.

not so fast on the removal of the work. I guess Australian citizens are protesting the proposed term extension. you can get more info on the protest at project gutenberg australia's website. But i think you'll see more of that fom the US in the future- attempting to get other countries to agree to copyright term extensions in return for more profitable trade agreements. The US has a definite interest in guaranteeing that most of the global economy use the same copyright principles as it.

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