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November 13, 2004


I am familiar with this game and it's my opinion that Marvel is fishing for royalties due to the game's success and/or trying to flex its IP muscles a bit to establish trademark and copyright enforcement.
I am sure Cryptic/NCSoft can show how expensive it would have been to limit their character creation system, such that no customer could create an avatar that resembles a copyrighted super hero. It would have severly limited the potential of their game, as there are a lot of characters in the DC/Marvel universes alone. Instead, via a EULA and good customer support, they remove infringing characters quickly. From my experience, I very rarely see an infringing character (maybe once in 2 months). Other players in the game can and do report the instances of rip-off to the company via an in-game reporting system.
Marvel is going to have a tough time with this one. NCSoft is a big game publishing company and is no light-weight.

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