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November 10, 2004


I think I may be just a little confused but this proposal seems to be a lot like what we have going on now. Having a system where artists would agree to release their music after consumers have pledged X dollars is obviously a twist, but this seems problematic for several reasons. First is the free rider problem, it seems the only people who would pledge to pay are the same people who currently pay for music and leeches have no incentive not to continue being leeches. Second is the problem we brought up in class today - creative commons users seem to be by in large hobbyists with a stream of income seperate from their shared works. On the other hand the artists we listen too I would wager to say depend on their music revenues in order to keep producing music. Would artists choose to opt into such a program where their revenues are not maximized? Perhaps they would still produce music if they could attain large enough "pledges" but again with the free rider/leech problem that just doesnt seem possible. I dont mean to dismiss this idea because I think any proposal other than musical socialism is certainly a step in the right direction.

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