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December 21, 2004


To be absolutely clear: I don't condone copyright infringement, whether via P2P or otherwise. When I talk about copyright, I'm not talking in code. I'm not playing a game in which I hint at positions that I support but don't state.

My concern is that overbroad regulation, motivated by copyright, is squelching new creativity. When I talk about ordinary people participating in culture, I'm talking about participating as creators. I have no problem with enforcement of copyright against people who mindlessly republish copyrighted songs or movies on the Net.

I do talk a lot about the non-enforceability of proposed regulations. The worst outcome of all is to have overbroad regulation that deters legitimate creativity but fails to prevent infringement. I fear that's where we're headed.

I think it is very important to be careful about attributing "implicit" views to others. You might want to consider revising the text of your post.

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