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July 20, 2006



Yes, the continuations would be great, both for new article notices and lexicon entries. Please keep going in that direction. Can you post the whole thing at first, and then after a day insert a continuation? Or perhaps include just the first sentence of the abstract above the continuation?


I like the new look...and I think that the "after-the-jump" feature will be very useful, and increase the readability of the blog.


Great! *.blogspot.com is blocked in China. Now you moved here, so the access to LTB for visitors from China becomes quite easy.

Bruce Boyden

I like it. But where's Aristotle?

Stuart Buck

If I might offer a suggestion, never use the function that requires readers to click on each post individually to see the full text of an abstract. Scrolling down is easy; if I want to skim over ten abstracts, clicking ten links (and then clicking "back") takes a much longer time.

Hard On The Eyes

The colors are too light. The other site had more contrast (i.e., darker colors to balance things out) as was thus easier to read. This is too bright.

Account Deleted

I'm with Bruce -- where's Aristotle?

Stuart Buck

I suppose I should note that some people do seem to prefer putting blog posts "behind the jump." [http://www.blogdenovo.org/archives/001376.html] I disagree; if you actually want to read any of the posts (which is presumably the reason that you read a blog in the first place), clicking forward and backward on links is more work than scrolling down. I would agree, however, that now that this blog has two sidebars, the actual text is much narrower, and does require more scrolling down than at the old blog.

William McGeveran

I am a fan of the jump for very long posts and use it when I am blogging too. But that may be in part because I use Firefox and when I read blogs I always open such continuations (and links as well) in new tabs -- and so I can easily get back to the main page without waiting for a reload. The new Microsoft Internet Explorer is going to have tabbed browsing too, so maybe soon that is how most people will read a blog.

I love the new design, and in particular the easier-to-use sidebars! It is much easier to browse through Bookworm, Download of the Week, etc. I wonder, though, whether the list of categories should be so prominent, since most of the major ones are now more easily available in those other sidebars.

Congrats on the slick new home!

- Bill McGeveran


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