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May 01, 2007


Martin Davies

Tulane Law School: Elizabeth Townsend Gard. J.D. University of Arizona, 2002. Ph.D., History, UCLA, 1998. Visiting Professor, Seattle University Law School.

Thom Main

Pacific McGeorge School of Law: Jarrod Wong. BA (Law), Cambridge University, 1995. LLM, Chicago, 1996. JD, Boalt, 1999.

Kevin Johnson

UC Davis: (1) Courtney Joslin. B.S., 1994, Brown University. J.D., 1998, Harvard Law School; (2) Afra Afsharipour, 1996 Cornell. J.D. 1999, Columbia Law School

Jim Rossi

Florida State University College of Law: Kelli A. Alces. J.D., University of Illinois, 2005. Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Richmond School of Law.

John Gotanda

Villanova Law School: Todd Aagaard, J.D., Michigan, 1997; M.S. (Nat. Res. & Env.), Michigan, 1998.


Case Western Reserve University: Cassandra Robertson. JD Texas 2002.

Drake University: Luke Meier. JD Texas 2000. Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska.

Mark A. Edwards

William Mitchell: Mark A. Edwards, J.D. Wisconsin 1998. Fellow, Institute for Legal Studies, Wisconsin.

Eric Claeys

Saint Louis University: Samuel Jordan. JD University of Chicago 2004. M. Ed. University of Chicago 2004. Climenko Fellow, Harvard Law School.


University of Washington: Kathryn Watts. J.D., Northwestern, 2001. Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern.

Dan Markel

Readers of this post might also be interested in two relevant posts on PrawfsBlawg. The first is a compendium of lateral moves for the 2007 year. It's available here:

The second post includes advice on publication schedules for rising law profs as well as information relevant for the spring submission cycle of 2007. The link is:

Dan Filler

Drexel College of Law: Thomas Brennan. JD, Harvard, 2001. PhD, Mathematics, Harvard 1998. Visiting Scholar, Sloan School, MIT.

Ben Barros

Widener University, Harrisburg Campus.

Katherine Jones. J.D., University of Michigan, 1985. LL.M., London School of Economics, 1986. M.A., University of Virginia. Visiting Assistant Professor, Syracuse University School of Law.

Christopher J. Robinette. J.D., University of Virginia, 1996. Freedman Fellowship, Temple University School of Law.

Howard Wasserman

Florida International University College of Law:

1) Lillian Aponte Miranda, J.D., University of Florida, 2001

2) Megan A. Fairlie, J.D., Washington & Lee, 1996, Ph.D (Law), National University of Ireland, Galway

3) Cyra A. Choudhury, J.D., Georgetown Law Center, 2004, LLM, Georgetown Law Center, 2007

4) Manuel A. Gomez, J.D., Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, 1993, J.S.D., Stanford, 2006

5) Kerri L. Stone, J.D., New York University, 2000, Abraham Freedman Fellow (Teaching Fellowship), Temple University School of Law

Mike Madison

University of Pittsburgh: Haider Ala Hamoudi. JD, Columbia, 1996. Associate-in-Law, Teaching Fellowship, Columbia.

Tony Cole

University of Warwick (U.K.): Tony Cole. JD, University of Michigan, 2004.

Daniel Schwarcz

Arizona State -- Carissa Hessick. JD, Yale, 2002. Climenko Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, Harvard.

Fordham -- Andrew Kent. JD, Yale, 1999. Climenko Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, Harvard.

U of Toronto -- Simon Stern. JD, Yale, 2002. PhD in English, Berkeley, 1999. Climenko Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, Harvard.

Indiana, Bloomington -- Jody Madeira. JD, Upenn, 2003. PhD, Penn, Cultural Studies. Climenko Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, Harvard.

Minnesota -- Daniel Schwarcz. JD, Harvard, 2003. Climenko Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, Harvard.

Saint Louis -- Sam Jordan. JD, Chicago, 2004. Climenko Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, Harvard.

John Parry

Lewis & Clark Law School: Jeffrey D. Jones. J.D. Univ. of Michigan, 2004. Ph.D., Philosophy, Univ. of Wisconsin, 2000. Post-doc Scholar, Boston Univ. School of Law and Institute on Race and Social Division, 2000-01. Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Univ. of Massachusetts-Boston, 1999-2001.

Adam P.

Columbia Law School: Christina Duffy Burnett, JD, Yale, 1998. M.Phil Cambridge, MA, PhD Candidate, History, Princeton. Program on Law and Public Affairs, Research Scholar,Princeton.

Dan Filler

Drexel College of Law: Bret Asbury, JD Yale, 2003.

Keith Rowley

UNLV: Rachel Anderson. J.D., Cal-Berkeley (Boalt Hall), 2005; A.M., Stanford, 2002.

Roger Alford

Pepperdine: Robert Anderson. JD, NYU, 2000. PhD, Political Science, Stanford, 2007.

Peter Jetton

Washington and Lee University School of Law: Lawton P. Cummings. JD, Georgetown University Law Center, 2000

Larry Garvin

Ohio State: Paul Rose. J.D., UCLA, 2001. Visiting Assistant Professor in Securities and Finance, Northwestern.

Norman I. Silber

Hofstra University School of Law:

Akilah N. Folami. J.D., Columbia, 1996. Clerk, Constance Baker Motley (SDNY); Associate Professor, Legal Writing, St. Johns University School of Law. Practice: Morrison and Foerster; Fried Frank.

Katrina Fischer Kuh. J.D., Yale, 2002. Clerk, Diana G. Motz (4th Cir. U.S.C.A.); Hon. Charles S. Haight (S.D.N.Y). Practice: Arnold & Porter.

Holning S. Lau. J.D., University of Chicago, 2005. Miller Fellow, UCLA; Public Policy Fellow, Williams Institute, UCLA. Practice: Debevoise & Plimption.

Jeff Lipshaw

The full details on Jelani Jefferson:

Jelani Jefferson. JD Harvard, 2004. Forrester Fellow, Legal Writing Instructor, Tulane Law School.

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