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February 29, 2008

2008 Entry Level Hiring Report: Version 2.0

Here is version 2.0 of the 2008 Entry Level Hiring Report.  As of February 23, 2008, I have received 73 reports.  Results are in the continuation of this post.  This post will remain at the top of the blog for the next few days.  For newer posts, just scroll down.

Follow this link for instructions on submitting a report:

How to Submit Data

The JD Placement Tournament is now underway, with the following initial results:

1. Yale University-13

2. Harvard University-12

3. University of Michigan-5

4. Columbia University-4

5. University of Chicago-4

And here are the other schools with placements: New York University-3, Stanford University-3, Emory University-2, Georgetown University-2, Northwestern University-2, Tulane University-2, University of Minnesota-2, Boston University-1, Case Western Reserve University-1, Howard University-1, Humboldt University-1, University of California-Berkeley-1, University of California-Hastings-1, University of Florida-1, University of Giessen-1, University of Hawaii-1, University of Illinois-1, University of Notre Dame-1, University of Pennsylvania-1, University of Texas-1, University of Virginia-1, University of Washington-1, Vanderbilt University-1.

The listings by school are in the continuation of this post.  Just click to view.

Reports that are new in Version 2.0 are in blue.

American University

    Mary Fan, JD 2003 Yale University, MPhil 2008 Anthropology Cambridge University

Ave Maria School of Law

W. Edward “Ted” Afield, JD 2001 Columbia University, LLM 2005 Law (Tax) University of Florida

Brooklyn Law School

    Miriam Baer, JD 1996 Harvard University, Lawyering Professor New York University

    Robin Effron, JD 2004 New York University, Fellow DAAD Program for International Lawyers, Teaching Fellow University of Chicago

    Rebecca Kysar, JD 2004 Yale University

California Western School of Law

    Jessica Fink, JD 2001 Harvard University, Teaching Fellow California Western School of Law, Visiting Assistant Professor California Western School of Law


    Josh Chafetz, JD 2007 Yale University, DPhil 2004 Political Science Oxford University

    Oskar Liivak, JD 2005 Yale University, PhD 2000 Physics Cornell University, Visiting Assistant Professor Cornell University

    Jens Ohlin, JD 2005 Columbia University, PhD 2002 Philosophy Columbia University, Associate in Law Columbia University

Creighton University

David Weber, JD 2005 University of Minnesota

Drexel University

    Richard Frankel, JD 2001 Yale University, Teaching Fellow Georgetown

    Anil Kalhan, JD 1999 School?, MPPM Yale University Business, Visiting Assistant Professor Fordham

George Mason

    J.W. Verret, JD 2004 Harvard University, MA 2006 Harvard University Public Policy, Research Fellow Harvard University

    Jonathan Mitchell, JD 2001 University of Chicago, Visiting Assistant Professor University of Chicago

    Chris Newman, JD 1999 University of Michigan, Olin Fellow UCLA

    Ten-Jen ("TJ") Chiang, LLB 2001 University of Melbounre, JD 2004 University of Chicago

Georgia State University

    Russell Covey, JD 1998 Yale University, MA Princeton University Field?

    Leslie Wolf, JD 1998 Harvard University, MPH Johns Hopkins University Public Health

Golden Gate University

    Heather Murr, JD 1994 University of California, Hastings, Visiting Assistant Professor University of San Diego

John Marshall Law School

Kim Chanbonpin, JD 2003 University of Hawaii, LLM 2006 Law Georgetown University, Teaching Fellow Loyola University New Orleans

Shahram Dana, JD 1997 Boston University, PhD 2008 Law Maastricht University, LLM 2002 Law Leiden University, Assistant Professor Maastricht University

Mary Jean Dolan, JD 1984 Northwestern University, Visiting Assistant Professor, John Marshall Law School

Loyola Marymount University

Aaron Caplan, JD 1991 University of Michigan

Loyola University Chicago

    Krivinskas Lea, JD 2004 Harvard University

Loyola University New Orleans

    Trey Drury, JD 1996 University of Michigan

    Johanna Kalb, JD 2006 Yale, MA 2006 International Relations Johns Hopkins University

Marquette University

No Entry Level Hiring

Michigan State University

Mark Totten, JD Yale University 2005, PhD Philosophy Yale University 2005, Visiting Scholar George Washington University

Ohio State University

    Stephanie Hoffer, JD 2001 Case Western Reserve University, LLM 2005 Law (Tax) New York University, Visiting Assistant Professor Northwestern University

Rutgers University-Newark

    Joshua Blank JD 2002 Harvard University, LLM 2007 Law (Tax) New York University, Acting Assistant Professor, New York University

Samford University

    Doris "Wendy" Greene, JD 2002 Tulane University, LLM 2008 (Expected) Law George Washington University

St. John's University

Katharina de la Durantaye, JD 2000 Humboldt University, PhD 2003 Law Humboldt University, LLM 2005 Law Yale Law School, Visiting Assistant Professor Boston University, Associate in Law Columbia University

[Name withheld by request]

St. Louis University

Jeffrey Redding, JD 2000 University of Chicago, Research Fellow Harvard Law School, Research Fellow Columbia University, Visiting Assistant Professor American University in Cairo, Research Fellow Yale University

Suffolk University

    Bernie Jones, JD 1992 New York University , PhD 2002 History University of Virginia, Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Temple University

Sandra Sperino, JD 1999 University of Illinois, MS 1999 Journalism University of Illinois, Visiting Assistant Professor University of Illinois

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    Luz Herrera, JD 1999 Harvard University, AM 1995 Sociology Stanford University, Visiting Assistant Professor Chapman University

    Alex Kreit, JD 2004 University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Assistant Professor Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    Rebecca Lee, JD 2004 Georgetown University, MPP 2001 Public Policy Harvard University, Visiting Researcher Georgetown University Law Center

University of Alabama

    Grace Lee, JD 2003 Northwestern University, MA 1998 Sociology University of Chicago

    David Patton, JD 1999 University of Virginia

    Fred Vars, JD 1999 Yale University, Research Fellow Yale University

University of California Hastings

Darien Shanske, JD 2006 Stanford, PhD 2001 Rhetoric University of California Berkeley, MA 1996 Philosophy McGill

Keith Hand, JD 200 University of Washington, MA Date? University of Washington, Research Scholar Yale University

Jaime King, JD 2001 Emory, PhD Expected 2008 Health Policy Harvard University

University of Colorado

    William Boyd, JD 2002 Stanford University, PhD 2002 Energy and Resources University of California, Berkeley

    Andrew Schwartz, JD 2001 Columbia Columbia University

    Harry Surden, JD 2005 Stanford, Research Fellow Stanford University

University of Denver

Erik Bluemel, JD 2004 New York University, LLM 2008 Georgetown University, Teaching Fellow Georgetown University

Justin Marceau, JD 2004 Harvard

University of Florida

    Daniel Sokol, JD 2001 University of Chicago, MSt 1997 History Oxford, Teaching Fellow University of Wisconsin, Visiting Associate Professor University of Missouri-Columbia

University of Houston

Jim Hawkins, JD 2006 University of Texas

University of Kentucky

Scott Bauries, JD 2005 Univeristy of Florida

Stephen Clowney, JD 2006 Yale University

University of Louisville

Luke Milligan, JD 2002 Emory, Visiting Assistant Professor Emory, Visiting Assistant Professor Louisville

University of Miami

Caroline Corbin, JD 2001 Columbia University, Teaching Fellow;Columbia University

Osamudia James, JD 2004 Georgetown University, Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin

Markus Wagner, erstes juristisches Staatsexamen 2002 University of Giessen, JSM 2006 Law Stanford

University of North Dakota

Kendra Fershee, JD 2003 Tulane University, Visiting Assistant Professor Pennsylvania State University, Visiting Assistant Professor University of North Dakota

William Johnson, JD 2001 University of Michigan

Keith Richotte, JD 2004 University of Minnesota, LLM Law 2007 University of Arizona, PHD expected 2008 American Studies University of Minnesota, Teaching & Research Fellow University of North Dakota

University of Oregon

Carrie Leonetti, JD 2000 Harvard University

University of Richmond

    William Fisher, JD 1976 Yale University, MA 1976 Public Policy; Harvard University, Visiting Associate Professor Tulane University

    John Preis, JD 2000 Vanderbilt University, Visiting Assistant Professor Brooklyn Law School, Visiting Assistant Professor, Washburn Law School

University of Texas

Angela Littwin, JD 2002 Harvard Law School, Teaching Fellow Harvard

University of Toledo

No Entry Level Hiring

University of Tulsa

    Carrie Griffin Basas, JD 2002 Harvard, Visiting Assistant Professor Penn State University-Dickinson School of Law (University Park)


    Amanda Rose, JD 2002 University of California Berkeley, Lecturer University of California Berkeley

Wake Forest University

No Entry Level Hiring

Washington & Lee University

    Sean Seymore, JD 2006 University of Notre Dame, PhD 2001 Chemistry University of Notre Dame, Visiting Assistant Professor Northwestern University

Widener University (Harrisburg)

    Tonya Evans-Walls, JD 1998 Howard University


    David Friedman, JD 1999 Yale University, Visiting Assistant Professor Willamette University


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